The Douglas County Shelter (DCS) is a residential facility that provides transitional housing for homeless women and their children. (Transitional housing is defined as 90 days for a single women and up to 120 days for women with dependents.)

The DCS was from its inception a faith-based initiative, instigated through the collaborative efforts of churches in Douglas County.  Residents of the shelter are offered assistance regardless of their religious affiliation, but those who serve on the Board of Directors do so from the desire to answer God’s call to provide refuge for the poor, shelter from the storm and shade from the heat (Isaiah 25:4)


The Douglas County Shelter began in 1987 as a collaborative initiative between the First Presbyterian Church of Douglasville (FPCD) and Douglasville First United Methodist Church (DFUMC). Part of the building was originally located on land which is now a parking lot on the FPCD premises. The First President of the Board of Directors of the DCS was Jerre O’neal, a member of DFUMC, who still serves as a member of the Board. Over the years there have been some changes and additions to the shelter including office space for shelter staff, a meeting room, storage room and two additional rooms for residents. In 2013 the shelter had to close for several months due to insufficient finances to sustain its service to the community. Rev. Tony Johns, who had accepted a position on the Board of Directors and cared about the continued work of the shelter, recognized the need to reconstitute the Board of Directors, which was much reduced at this time. This goal was realized and Pastor Edwin Ford was voted in as the new Chairman of the Board, accepting the role of Executive Director for the shelter. Pastor Ford brings with him many years of instrumental in beginning the Mens Assessment Center, which provides emergency accommodation for homeless men in Douglas County.


To establish and operate a residential facility in Douglas County for homeless women and their children, empowering them to utilize community resources to move them toward a greater degree of stability, self-sufficiency and independence.



Believers Church

Church of Christ

Central Baptist Church Dougalsville


Douglasville First United Methodist Church

First Presbyterian Church of Douglasville

Crossroads for Life Ministries



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